Other Events

The Role as a Toastmaster at Civic, Corporate, & other Occasions

Planning is everything and after an initial meeting with the event secretary or organiser I will draw up a list of preambles (allocutions in the City of London) and make recommendations regarding etiquette and protocol for the event which I will then discuss with the organiser. This will ensure that all the key guests, on top table, are given due reverence and the speeches scheduled accordingly.

Whether the event is a corporate dinner, a company product launch or a civic reception I will be there in plenty of time, to meet with the venue and event management teams and any other parties to ensure that last minute changes are agreed and understood by all concerned.  I will then change into my distinctive Red Toastmaster’s Jacket and will be available to meet the members and their guests on arrival and direct them accordingly.

After calling dinner I will announce and lead in the key guests to their tables and should it be required say or announce grace.  During the meal I will be at hand to take directions from the Host and ensure that all the speakers are aware of the format and timings involved.

I will introduce those making toasts and speeches according to the agreed protocol and once top table is ready to take its leave, announce and lead them from the room.

Any event involves a considerable financial commitment and it is important that the organisation is professionally presented.   My presence, as your Professional Toastmaster, enables all parties concerned to enjoy the event in the knowledge that the proceedings will unfold on time and in a manner befitting the host.